Our Team


Jacob Gomez - Owner Videographer/ Photographer

Jacob is a filmmaker/influencer with a following of more than 10k on social channels. Based in Southern California, Jacob loves traveling the world and spending time with his friends and family. When he’s not filming or editing (which is rarely!) Jacob loves practicing hot yoga and running! Jacob and his team of talented filmmakers and photographers have an immense passion and love for the art they create. In a world of possibilities, this is what we choose to do. It fuels us and inspires us.


Greg Cali -Photographer

Greg Cali, known simply by his last name, grew up in charming beach towns along the California coastline.  From an early age, it was clear that he was inclined toward artistic endeavors.  While studying fine arts at Cal State University Long Beach, his creativity flowed from the Californian lifestyle and inspired him to master photography. When he's not taking photos you can find him in his hometown of Encinitas, CA, surfing Beacons, or hanging out at his art/ photography gallery on 101. With more than 100 weddings in his portfolio, Cali is ready and confident to make your day absolutely special. 


Kelsey Netting - Photographer

Kelsey is a photographer based in Southern California. She was always drawn to the arts, growing up in an artistic family. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Loyola Marymount University, Kelsey moved to Temecula, CA. Kelsey’s life revolves around photography, yoga, fitness, and family. Kelsey is passionate about documenting others’ love, happiness, and greatest moments via photography. She feels so lucky to be doing what she loves and would be honored to photograph your special moments!


Rachel Vandehey - Videographer

Rachel is a videographer based out of Temecula, CA. She is currently studying at the University of Redlands pursuing a teaching credential and health coach certificate. Her passion for capturing raw moments is only matched by her desire to do good in the world by spreading positivity and helping those around her. She is, at her core, an artist and understands what it means to document those important moments that'll last a lifetime.


Emma Tracy - Photographer

Emma is a Temecula-based photographer that loves to explore, and capture others doing so. Over the past five years, she has felt honored to be chosen for every couples’ special day. If she isn’t behind the camera you’ll find her rock climbing, hiking, or convincing her friends to book another flight. She is honored to be a part of each wedding, & strives to keep things stress-free while photographing the way couples uniquely exist together.


Gavin Nations - Videographer

Gavin is a filmmaker with 10+ years of experience and loves every second of what he does. Being able to live in the moment and experience something is one thing, but being able to then re-live and share that moment is something that Gavin never takes for granted.


Zay Solis - Videographer

 Zay is a social media influencer with more than 200K followers on various platforms with over 13 million views. Zay loves  with traveling, motocrosss, and filming. He has been filming and editing for over 10 years and is so happy to be a part of the process of documenting your wedding!