Frequently Asked Questions

(Video & Photo) Where are you based?

We are based in Southern California, and frequently film and photograph weddings in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Temecula wine country! But we love to travel and have been to Mexico, Canada, and all around the U.S.

(Video & Photo) How do we book you?

Head to the 'Contact' tab on our website! Fill out a short form, and we'll get back to you within 24 hours to let you know if we are available! We'll also send you our packages, pricing, etc.

(Video) Do we pick the music in our Wedding Film?

Yes! It's your Wedding Film! We'll talk more about this later - but based on which package you choose we'll utilize 1 or 2 songs within the edit. So the best thing to do is to send us 4-5 songs you LOVE, and we'll pick which one best fits the vibe.

(Video) How long does it take to have the Wedding Film delivered?

1-3 Months (depending on what package you go with). We also have an optional 'add on' to cut the delivery time in half! So technically the shortest is about 2 weeks. 

We also offer a 'Sneak Peek' that you can get delivered within 48 hours of the wedding. You can check these out under the Portfolio tab!

(Video & Photo) So you do Videography AND Photography?

Yep! We started only doing wedding videography, BUT we found that doing Photography is just as fun. As we continued to grow our business - we grew out our team to include some of the best photographers that SoCal has to offer! Now we offer packages with both Video & Photo. P.S. We give discounts to those who book both of our services ;)

(Video & Photo) How much are the travel fees...?

It depends. If we are coming over to Arizona, it's way less expensive than flying to Banff, Canada (again). It varies from situation to situation, but we aren't trying to make a profit off of these fees. That would be a silly way to make money anyway. We'll price it out based on what we need, and we just want our travel, stay and food covered.

(Video) We want a 15 minute Wedding Film. Do you do this?

No, and here's why: We believe that your wedding film should be engaging and fun! Let's be real, no one except your grandma is going to listen to Uncle John deliver a 10-minute toast, especially in today's world of sharing on Instagram and Facebook. We do FILM EVERYTHING but only include the highlights, which make our total videos run about 3 - 6 minutes long. We can, however, incorporate pieces of the ceremony (and it's usually your vows). But overall, if you're into long format Wedding Films - we aren't the right fit for you.

(Video) Okay, you don't do 15 minute films.. But do you record the ceremony and toasts?

Yes, we do. On the wedding day, we have a dedicated ceremony and toasts camera. By doing this, we capture those important moments (and send you the footage as part of your package). But we spend most of our time on the Wedding Film and the optional preview. In the end, you'll have your unique Wedding Film, the ceremony, the toasts, and the optional preview video so you can relive this special day over and over again. 

(Video & Photo) We like your work.. but aren't sure that you're the right fit... are you?

Okay, listen. YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED - Congratulations, by the way! This is one of the most important days of your life. So if you are hesitant to have us be involved - that's totally okay. Our films and photos have a very specific style/vibe, and if that doesn't line up with what you're looking for, it's all good. We want to work with people who want to work with us, so no pressure if you don't think we're the right fit.

(Video & Photo) Where are you on the spectrum in terms of pricing? Are you cheap... expensive...?

So right off the bat - our average price for a Wedding Film is $2,000, and the average price for Wedding Photos is $3,000. That said, there are different cases on either side of the spectrum. But in truth we try to accommodate all of our client's needs. Our prices range from $1,099 - $5,000, so for Southern California  and the travel wedding market we're typically around the middle in terms of price. If you have specific questions about budget, please contact us and we'll figure out what works best for you :)